Hi, I’m Amanda Grihm.

Snippets from my works - The Wolf, Dark Justice - Awake, Dark Justice - Nightmare, and The Dark-Skinned Sister are on this site for your viewing pleasure.

All of my books are on sale through Amazon.Com (paperback and Kindle).

A large part of the stories I write are true while the other varying portions are of stories are for entertainment value only.

I am currently working on a new book, Smart Black Girls...shouldn't have babies, now.  It is not what it sounds like!!! You'll be astounded by what it really means.  My aim is to have it released befpre the end of 2023.

I hope you enjoy my work.  And, don't forget to go to Amazon.com to purchase my books.

Amanda ... my favorite piece of advice ... Know yourself best, first, and foremost. Llisten to what others have to say, and then respond accordingly.